What to Do After a Storm Damages your Roof

Roof Repair

Storms can cause significant damage, especially when they involve heavy impact. If you do not fix the issues, they can lead to secondary destruction and increase costs. Storm damages may also affect your health and make your home unsafe.

If a storm damages your roof, you should act promptly to protect your well-being and avoid significant losses. Here we provide the ultimate guide on what to do after such harsh weather by answering frequently asked questions.

What Kind of Damage Should I Watch Out for After a Storm?

Storms can cause various types of destruction such as wind, hail, water, and impact damage. Wind damage will occur when strong gusts of air get underneath your roof.

This issue may loosen or detach roof tiles. Other signs of wind damage after storms are missing deck boards and torn underlayment.

Hail damage is another issue to look out for after a storm. If the hail stones were large, you might notice dents on the roofing material and gutters. Some parts may also leak if the stones perforated or cracked the surface.

Water damage is a common issue resulting from storms. Watch out for ceiling stains or discoloration to detect this problem. More signs of water damage to look for are:

  • Mold on the walls and ceiling
  • Roof leakages
  • Sagging or bulging ceiling
  • Spongy wood decking

Impact damage during a storm occurs when large objects like stones or tree branches fall on the roof. Watch out for dents or cracks and roof sagging to identify this problem. You should also check the perimeter of your foundation for pieces of broken roofing material.

How Can You Check the Roof for Storm Damage?

One way to inspect your roof for storm damage is by using a ladder or binoculars. Still, such methods are ineffective since you may not identify all issues. Besides, you may lack the tools to ensure safety and prevent accidental falls.

Get a professional roof inspection after a storm to detect all damages. An expert will use the right tools and equipment to inspect the surface and identify even minor damages. They will then list the needed repairs and replacements while offering a detailed cost estimate.

What Are the Practical Remedies for Storm Damages?

Dealing with storm damage before an expert repairs them can prevent high costs. Remove stagnant pools with a mop or broom and catch dripping water with a large container. Other practical remedies for storm damage are:

  • Unplug electrical appliances in flooded areas
  • Avoid using electricity if a tree fell on a power line near your home
  • Remove carpets and curtains contaminated by flood water

Should I Contact Homeowners Insurance After Storm Damage?

Yes. You should contact a homeowners insurance company after storm damage. This measure is vital since most firms require clients to call before filing a claim.

Document the roof destruction and photograph other damages to your furniture or electrical devices. These images can support your claim and help you get reimbursement for roof repair and replacement costs.

What Kind of Roof Damage Can I Claim After a Storm?

Homeowners insurance covers a wide range of storm damages. However, the issues must primarily result from the storm, not wear and tear or incorrect installation.

Your insurance company can cover storm damages from heavy wind. They may also compensate you if the storm caused an electrical failure that started a fire.

Claim compensation after a storm damages your roof by getting repair estimates from roofing companies. You should also avoid significant repairs or structural changes until you are sure the insurer will cover the cost.

Contact Absolute Construction for Storm Restoration

Getting professional roofing services after a storm can safeguard your homeowners insurance. It also restores your home’s functionality and prevents accidents.

Absolute Construction offers storm restoration services in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. Our experts will inspect your property to detect and fix damages with high-quality materials. Schedule a free storm damage estimate now.