Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Roof Repair

A good roof can preserve the value of your home and protect other interior and exterior parts from damage. When replacing your roof or getting a new one, it is vital to hire a qualified and reliable contractor. Asking various questions will help you learn more about the services a company offers and determine whether they are a good fit. Here are 5 top questions you can ask any contractor before deciding to hire their services.

Does the Roofing Company Have a License, Bond, and Insurance?

A valid license is one of the documents a property owner should ask for when considering hiring a roofing company. Possession of this document indicates that the roofer adheres to building codes and has adequate skills and knowledge. A good roofing contractor must also have liability insurance to cover clients in the event of damage. Besides, they should have workmanship compensation insurance to compensate employees in case an accident occurs during installation.

Most states require contractors to have a surety bond to cover their clients financially in various circumstances. Such include when the contractor does not complete the agreed work or fails to get a work permit, and the homeowner has to pay for it. If a contractor has a bond, you can rely on the third-party company to complete the agreed work.

What Roofing Jobs Have You Done Before?

Inquiring about the type of jobs a contractor handled before will help you determine if they qualify to work on your project. It is essential to hire a roofer who has a portfolio with images to showcase previous projects. Browse through the portfolio while looking for projects similar to yours in addition to customer reviews and ratings. Furthermore, if the contractor completed some local projects in the recent past, visit these locations and assess their work quality. 

You can also talk to the property owners to gather more details about the contractor, such as their customer service quality. Another way to assess a contractor’s work is by visiting a site they are working on to observe the crew.

Can You Provide References from Previous Jobs?

Most companies can comfortably provide potential clients with a list of approximately three to five references. While some contractors create fake contacts for a scripted positive review, a genuine roofer will have a long list of regular clients as references. 

When considering a contractor, request a detailed reference list and pick a random contact to inquire about the roofer’s services. It is also advisable to ask the clients if they had any problems working with the contractor. In case they were any issues, find out how the company resolved them and if the response was prompt. This information will give you an insight into the contractor’s integrity and help you know what to expect when you hire their services.

Is the Business Local?

When hiring roofing services, homeowners should determine if the business is local and evaluate the proximity of the offices to their home. It is also advisable to ask for a physical address and a phone number to verify the provided information. Hiring a local contractor will ensure that you get a fast and reliable response in case of an emergency. 

Other benefits of hiring a local roofing contractor include:

  • They have adequate knowledge of local building codes
  • It is easy to verify their licenses and references
  • It reduces the chances of non-compliance
  • Visiting local offices is convenient and less time consuming
  • It is easier to hold a local contractor accountable

Which Services Does the Company Offer?

Since roof installation and repair can be a costly investment, it is advisable to ensure that the company hired provides all the needed services. This step will help prevent the cost and inconvenience associated with hiring more service providers. If you are getting a new roof, inquire about the roofing materials available and their features. Then, analyze the pros and cons and consult a professional to determine which one is the most suitable.

After deciding the roofing material and nature of services you need, inquire if the company offers them and get a cost estimate. This information will help you budget for roofing and decide if the contractor is the right fit for the project.

Find a Qualified Roofing Contractor Today

Before getting roofing services, there are many aspects a homeowner should evaluate to ensure that they hire the most suitable candidate. At Absolute Construction, we have accredited and experienced contractors that handle a wide array of roofing projects. These professionals can help you complete any residential or commercial project with quality and durable materials. We also carry general liability insurance to cover our clients and a bond to enhance security. If you are looking for roofing services, contact us today to consult our experts.