Roof Repairs: Common Problems and their Costs

Winter Roof Inspection

Roofs get exposed to harsh weather conditions and environmental factors that cause wear and tear. Besides that, incorrect installation and lack of proper maintenance can lead to damages. While some roof problems may be minor, ignoring them can lead to significant damage and expensive repairs.

However, getting roof repair services allows you to mitigate the damage. It is also essential to buy homeowners insurance that includes partial damage and matching coverages. These clauses can help you pay for expensive roof repair and partial replacements.

Are you wondering how much you may pay to repair roofing damage? Read on to discover the most common problems with roofs and their estimated fixing costs. We will also discuss measures you can take after identifying a roofing problem to prevent extensive harm.

Roof Leak

The cost of repairing roof leakage may vary depending on the cause of the damage. For instance, if it is due to improper placement of nails, you may pay about $300- $350 for about five to ten backed-out pins.

In case the leakage comes from a faulty chimney, you may need more material to fix it. The repair may be about $500 for chimney flashing and another $500 for sealing the mortar joints to prevent water penetration.

Since repairing roof leakage may be expensive, it is advisable to get homeowners insurance. This coverage can help you pay for most expenses as long as the damage is due to a covered peril. 

Damaged Skylights

Skylights are crucial in letting in natural light and making your home more vibrant. Still, without proper sealing, they can detach and accumulate debris that will damage the roof further. Repairing these fixtures can be an average of $300 to $1000 based on the extent of the damage.

Unfortunately, most roof insurance policies do not cover skylight repairs. However, they may pay for damages caused by the fixture as long as you installed it correctly and performed the required maintenance practices.


Your roof may have holes caused by impact from falling objects, such as tree branches and rocks. Perforations can also be due to mounting things like satellite dishes and antennas. Roofing experts mainly repair small holes using a patching pad to prevent leakage. 

If the perforations are many, you may need to replace part of the roof and sheathing. The cost of repairing the damage often ranges from $100 to $1000 depending on the hole size and roofing material. 

Since most manufacturer’s warranties do not cover damage caused by mounted items, it is essential to avoid it. Instead, install them on a pole fixed on the ground to avoid damaging your roof and voiding the insurance cover.

Freezing Damage

When ice and snow build up on your roof and gutter, they prevent water from flowing. As a result, your facia board and shingles may absorb it and develop mold or rot. Other than that, failing to remove accumulated snow can lead to ice dams which may break the roofing surface or cause sagging. 

Repairing moderate or minor freezing damage may cost approximately $500 to $700. Still, you may pay over $1000 if the ice affected a significant portion of your roof.

Missing Shingles

Shingles often loosen and detach after aging or due to poor roof installation and maintenance. They may then get misplaced during heavy rain, strong wind, or a hailstorm. 

The cost of repairing missing shingles may vary from $100 to $400 per 100 square feet. In most cases, the amount charged will depend on missing pieces and the roofing material. It can also increase if there is secondary damage such as leakage and sheath rotting. 

Reach Out to Absolute Construction for a Repair Estimate

Determining the cost of repairing a roof may be difficult since there are numerous factors to consider. At Absolute Construction, we can assess your home’s condition to provide a detailed repair estimate. Our experts will then conduct the needed renovation using high-quality materials for enhanced durability. 

They can also provide an inspection and repairs report to help you file a claim from your homeowner’s insurance company. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a comprehensive roof repair quote.