Roof Ravaged by Storms? How Texans Can Successfully Claim Insurance for Roof Repairs

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Dealing with storm damage is never fun, especially when it impacts your roof – one of the most important parts of your home. If a major storm has damaged your roof in Texas, you’ll likely need to file an insurance claim to get the repairs covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to successfully file a roof damage insurance claim after a storm in Texas.

Assess the Roof Damage

The first step is examining your roof to identify areas of damage. Look for missing, cracked or lifted shingles as well as damaged flashing, vents and skylights. Leaks, water spots on ceilings and moisture in the attic are also signs of roof damage. If you’re unsure about the extent or cause of the damage, consult a professional residential roofer for an inspection and repair estimate. This will document the damage for your claim.

Document the Roof Damage

Insurance companies will require evidence showing the storm caused the roof damage before approving a claim. Here are some tips for documentation:

  • Take detailed photos of all roof damage, both close-ups and full roof view.
  • Get a written roof inspection report from your roofer detailing hail dent measurements or specifying wind damage like lifted shingles.
  • Save receipts for any emergency repairs needed to prevent further storm damage.
  • Obtain copies of weather reports showing storm date, location and severity like hail size or wind speeds.
  • Keep logs noting damage discovery and how damage has worsened after the storm.

Having extensive documentation shows your insurer the damage is consistent with the reported storm.

File Your Insurance Claim

Once you’ve assessed and documented the damage, it’s time to officially file your claim. Call your insurer and provide your policy number, date of storm, and brief damage description. The company will send out an adjuster to do an in-person inspection, but you’ll need to submit all your damage documentation anyway.

If you took photos or videos with date stamps, note the file names/locations. Direct the adjuster to damaged areas during the inspection, and point out how the type of damage correlates with the storm specifics like hail size. After the inspection, follow up for the adjuster’s official damage assessment report.

Negotiate Your Settlement

The damage assessment will lead to your claim settlement or denial. A reputable public insurance adjuster can help negotiate a full settlement, but make sure they receive only a small percentage. Discuss repair scope and material costs with your roofer as well so you can point out any settlement underestimates.

Provide any supplementary documentation the insurer requests to establish the storm caused the roof damage. Be persistent and specific in challenging lowball offers. Get all settlement agreement terms in writing before signing and check with experts to understand all details.

Select Your Roofer

Once a fair settlement is reached, you can choose a residential roofing company to complete the repairs. Make sure they’re experienced assessing storm damage and interacting with insurers. Ask about licensing, materials, warranties, and timelines. Review sample contracts thoroughly. Avoid roofers who inflate insurance claims or convince you to agree to unnecessary repairs. Instead, select a roofer committed to restoring your roof properly at a fair price.

A residential roofer can also help if your claim gets denied. They may suggest ways to strengthen your appeal or determine if partial self-funded roof repairs are worthwhile. Don’t give up quickly if your claim is denied – be prepared to provide supplemental storm evidence and push for adjustment if needed. With persistence and the right roofer, you can get storm roof damage covered.

Take Aways

Filing an insurance claim for storm-related roof damage can certainly be challenging. But following these steps and working with trustworthy adjusters and roofers, Texas homeowners can secure the claims process and get critical roof repairs funded.

  • Stay organized, document thoroughly
  • Be your own best advocate and your roof should be restored in no time.
  • Don’t let storm damage linger – consult with a roofing contractor in your area to get your roof back in shape with an approved insurance claim today.

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