A roof is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. After exposure to harsh weather conditions like storms, some parts of this structure may damage and necessitate repairs.

At Absolute Construction, we provide reliable and high-quality storm restoration services in Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. Our experts can help you repair the damaged parts or install a new roof to enhance protection against weather elements. Read on to learn more about our residential roofing service.

Roof Damage Assessment

Absolute Construction provides roof assessment services to help you determine the extent of damage caused by a storm. Once you contact our roofing experts, they will ask for various details about the problem at hand. After that, they will visit your home for a comprehensive inspection.

During this process, the experts will assess the level of damage to your roofing material. Some of the aspects they look out for are:

  • Damage to the roofing material such as dents, cracks, and breakage
  • Missing shingles or shakes
  • Missing nails
  • Damage to insulation material
  • The state of your facia board and siding
  • Damaged flashing

During the inspection, the roofing contractor will note down all the noticed damages. This information will guide them in providing a repair or replacement estimate.

Free Roof Repair and Replacement Estimate

Another residential storm restoration service we provide at Absolute Construction is a free estimate. After our experts inspect your home, they will use industry-standard software to provide a quote. 

In most cases, the amount needed depends on your current roofing material, the one you want to install, and the extent of the damage.

The roofing estimate we provide includes all the materials needed for the repair or installation. It also highlights the scope of work and labor cost for the entire job.

Storm Restoration

The type of storm restoration services needed for your home depends on various factors. For example, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the entire roofing surface. If it is not, you will only require minor repairs and replacements.

Absolute Construction provides such services for homes damaged by storms. Our experts have adequate experience related to a broad range of roofing materials and styles. This allows them to offer quality services within a short time, reducing labor costs.

During the storm restoration process, we remove old panels and foams as needed then replace them. Besides, we use high-quality roofing material to help you enjoy supreme protection. 

Since Absolute Construction has certification from major manufacturers, we will offer you the best warranty. Hence, you do not have to worry about the quality of installed materials when working with us.

Negotiating With Insurance Adjusters

If you have homeowners insurance, it may pay for some roofing damages after a storm. Still, working with adjusters is a daunting task for most people. At Absolute Construction, we can help you get the best compensation for roof damages caused by such an incident.

Our experts provide a detailed warranty statement after a roofing job. Using this document, you can support your claim and increase the chances of qualifying for compensation. Some of the aspects this warranty includes are:

  • The scope of work-  All details about the roof repair or replacement
  • Shingles-Details about the manufacturer, type of shingle, warranty, and contract price
  • Signatures-Absolute Construction sales rep and homeowner’s signatures
  • Payment Terms- Insurance or general improvement

With such a detailed warranty, it is easier to claim damages from an insurance company. Nevertheless, we advise you to take many pictures of the damaged roof to serve as supporting documents when filing for compensation.

Get High-Quality Residential Roof Repairs and Replacement

Working with a reputable roof repair and installation service provider is the best way to protect your investment. 

Absolute Construction provides you with all the skills you need to help your roofing system recover from storm damage. By working with us, you are sure of high-quality work to safeguard your property in the future. Contact us today for reliable residential roof repairs and installation.