Historic Roof Restoration and Repair – What to Expect

Historic Roof Restoration

Historic roofs can give a commercial building a unique appeal and attractive traditional look. Still, the structures may wear out and sustain damage after storms and exposure to harsh weather.

Since historic roofs have exceptional designs, the repair process varies with other materials. You may also need to use unique products to preserve the materials without damaging their appearance.

Here, we provide more details about historic roof restoration and repair processes. We’ll also cover the benefits of hiring an expert for these services.

Historic Roof Inspection and Damage Assessment

The first step of repairing or restoring a historic roof is assessing the damages. A roofing expert will check the entire structure to identify issues like leakage and broken or missing shingles. They can also look for signs of water damage like moss, mildew, and rotting.

More steps the expert may take during the inspection are:

  • Checking the attic
  • Removing some tiles
  • Inspecting the ceiling

As an expert inspects your roof, they will use scaffolding and ladders. This measure prevents them from stepping on the roofing material and causing damage.

After the roof inspection expert identifies all damages, they will assess the repair cost. This process will involve revising the architectural design of the roof to understand its build. It may also include getting more insights about the structure from newspaper articles and files from past owners.

When a historic roofing contractor understands the scope of the job, they will write an estimate listing all the required work and materials. The document may also mention the hours needed for the repair or restoration.

What Should You Expect During Historic Roof Repair?

Once you agree on the cost, an expert will start repairing your building’s historic roof. First, they will get the materials needed for the job. If the contractor can’t find the same material, they may use close substitutes compatible with the original one.

This precaution will ensure your roof has a uniform look. It also prevents issues like corrosion and breakage due to varying expansion rates.

The next step after repairing damages is documenting each procedure. This measure ensures there is a record to guide other specialists that may work on the roof in the future.

Things to Expect During a Historic Roof Restoration

Historic roof restoration involves using new roofing methods to preserve an old one. The main goal of this process is to protect the old structures’ appearance while ensuring it’s still functional. Unlike historic roof repair, restoration includes some maintenance and preventative practices.

When an expert identifies issues affecting your historic roof, they will determine how to fix them. Moreover, the contractor will assess ways to boost energy efficiency. Some methods a contactor may use to restore a historic roof are:

  • Soldering detached metal roof parts
  • Removing old paint and applying a new coat
  • Applying silicone-based caulk
  • Applying an elastomeric coat

The Benefits of Professional Historic Roof Repair and Restoration

Getting historic roof restoration or repair from an expert has many benefits. First, you can avoid secondary damages that may affect the structure’s integrity. This aspect is since specialists use high-quality products and safety tools to prevent destruction when working.

 More benefits of hiring an expert for historic roof repair and restoration are:

  • They know where to source repair materials
  • They can advise ways to preserve your commercial roof
  • Expert services will lower maintenance costs in the long run

Another benefit of professional historic roof repair is an excellent understanding of designs. Experts specialized in such structures know the best practices for each slope and style. Further, they refer to previous records to identify changes in the original design before working on the roof.

Get Reliable Historic Roof Repair and Restoration

Hiring an expert to repair or restore your commercial building’s historic roof will preserve the structure. At Absolute Construction, we can help you fix damages and maintain the original design. Our specialists will assess your roof and use compatible materials to protect it. Call us today to get a free historic roof repair and restoration estimate.