DaVinci Roof Helps Family Survive EF-3 Tornado

DaVinci Roof

This is a story about a family in Dallas who faced a devastating EF-3 tornado that caused severe damage to their home, making it the costliest tornado event in Texas history. The Zlotky family had installed a DaVinci composite slate roof on their home back in 2014, and they stayed in touch with their roofer, Daniel Askari, who regularly inspected and maintained the roof.

Despite the severe damage, the DaVinci roof appeared to handle the storm better than other roofs in the community. Askari was impressed with the performance of the roof given the intense weather and believes it helped prevent the home from further damage and being a total loss.

Davinci Roof

The Zlotkys were also impressed with their roof’s durability and appearance, and they decided to re-invest in a DaVinci roof. Above all, they had endless thanks for Askari and his company, Absolute Construction, for recommending the DaVinci roofing and being so responsive after the tornado struck.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, we give Daniel and his company a 15!” says Zlotky. “We can never thank them enough for initially recommending the DaVinci roofing. Above all, they have our endless thanks for being so responsive after the tornado struck.”

Askari praised the Zlotky family for doing everything right, staying in touch with them, and maintaining the roof, which helped them quickly work on the insurance claim and order a new DaVinci roof within two weeks after the tornado.

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