Composite Roofing: Everything You Need to Know

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing is a popular option, especially among homeowners. Such material has a natural appearance that can mimic other roofing options. It is also an economical option that can boost your home’s aesthetic appeal at an affordable price.

If you plan to remodel or build a home, you may want more details about composite roofs. Read on to discover what these structures entail and their pros and cons.

What Is Composite Roofing?

Composite roof shingles consist of several materials whose percentage may differ based on the manufacturer. Some substances you may find in the roofing materials are recycled paper and plastic. Others may also contain fiberglass, recycled rubber, and asphalt.

Composite shingle manufacturers often use images of other roofing materials when designing. This aspect allows them to include graining patterns of natural materials like clay, wood, and slate.

The Pros of Composite Roofing

Since composite roofs consist of various materials, they have unique properties ideal for most home designs and locations.

One key pro of these materials is durability. While the lifespan of composite shingles will depend on the material used, they can last for more than 30 years. With proper maintenance, the roofing materials can also stay in good condition for up to 50 years.

Another benefit of composite roofing materials is that they are lightweight. This feature makes them ideal for buildings with a high-pitched roof. It also avoids installing expensive and reinforced framing to support the structure.

Composite roofing tiles and shingles often do not contain organic material. Due to this, they are less prone to insect infestation. Besides, the material will not rot or attract mold and mildew during the rainy season or winter.

Other pros of composite roofing are:

  • It is wind resistant
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures
  • A composite roof provides better insulation than materials like asphalt

Composite roofing comes in a broad range of colors, designs, and materials. Hence, you can quickly find shingles or tiles to achieve desirable aesthetic appeal.

The Cons of Composite Roofing

While composite roofing has many advantages, it also has some cons. For instance, you will likely incur high costs on installation. However, you will recover this amount due to reduced maintenance costs and a longer lifespan.

Another con of composite roofing is that most materials are not recyclable. Still, manufacturers now offer hemp fiber variations that are more environmentally friendly.

What Is the Cost of Installing Composite Roofing?

Composite roofing costs may vary from $1 to about $16 per square foot based on various factors. Such include the selected material, the installation costs, and the property’s height.

Another aspect that may influence the cost is your home’s slope. A property with a high pitch may require more labor and safety equipment, leading to additional expenses. More aspects that may affect composite roofing installation costs are the number of penetrations on your roof and your home’s location.

Since composite roofing installation costs may differ, it is advisable to get an estimate. Hire a roofing contractor in your area for a detailed evaluation. These specialists will assess the required labor and material and then factor in other aspects to provide an estimate. They can also help you select a suitable roofing design or shingle pattern.

How to Maintain a Composite Roof

Scheduling professional roof inspections at least once or twice annually is ideal for maintaining a composite structure. Besides, trim overhanging tree branches as they may erode the surface or dislodge some shingles.

More tips on maintaining a composite roof are:

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