5 Common Signs Your Metal Roof Needs a Repair

5 Common Signs Your Metal Roof Needs a Repair

Metal roofs are among the most durable home construction materials, with a lifespan of about 50 years. Still, due to exposure to external conditions, these materials may age with time. Metal roofs are also prone to water damage if you install them incorrectly and ignore maintenance practices.

Failing to repair and replace worn-out metal roofing parts can cause secondary damage to your home. Besides that, it may pose a significant physical injury risk to you and other households.

Are you wondering whether it is time to repair your metal roof? Read on to discover five signs you should watch out for and contact a professional for comprehensive inspection and fixing services.

1. Leakage

One common problem associated with most roofing materials, including metal, is leakage. This often occurs due to perforations on the surface caused by nails fixed improperly. Water leakage may also be due to improper installation of the roof seam.

Other common causes of leakage on metal roofs are:

  • Using incompatible materials
  • Damaged flashing
  • Open laps
  • Deflection
  • Movement of some sheets or panels

Once you identify any of these roof leak signs, it is essential to fix them as soon as possible. This way, you can mitigate damage and protect your ceiling and fiberglass batt or foam insulation. Sealing perforations can also enhance the panels’ lifespan, allowing you to realize value for the investment.

2. Discoloration

Color changes on a metal roof are often a sign of corrosion caused by rust. While applying a coating can conceal the affected part, failing to fix it leads to secondary problems. For instance, the corroded section may detach from the fastener and allow water penetration.

Look out for discoloration on your roof to conduct needed repairs to protect the integrity of the entire structure. Besides that, schedule regular inspections to identify other signs of damage and fix them in advance.

3. Wrinkling

During installation, roofers should leave enough room for metal panels to expand. Failing to do this can cause the surface to wrinkle after frequent expansion and contraction in limited space. Your roof may also develop waves due to:

  • Overtightened fasteners
  • Uneven underlayment
  • Mishandling panels during installation

If your roof is wavy or has wrinkles in some areas, you need to repair it. Experts often recommend discarding the damaged part and replacing it with new material. In severe cases, you may need to detach a significant portion and reinstall it to create enough space for movement. 

4. Loose Panels

Another factor that indicates it is time to get repair services is the loosening of roofing parts. If you notice that your home has an unusual noise during windy days, check if all the panels lay flat on the surface. Alternatively, hire a roofing professional to prevent accidental falls and further damage to your roof.

Once the expert confirms that some panels are wobbly or missing, they will advise replacing them. Additionally, you may need to remove damaged fasteners and install new flashing for enhanced grip and protection.

5. Temperature Changes

A good roof should provide proper insulation, allowing your home to have steady temperatures. However, certain damages will cause extreme variation leading to discomfort and increasing power consumption.

If you are experiencing extreme temperature changes, there may be an issue with your metal roof structure. This problem may stem from missing or loose panels and damaged insulation layers.

Fix such issues and make your home more comfortable by getting professional roof repair. This measure can also improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce utility bills.

Get Reliable Metal Roof Repair Services

Hiring an expert to inspect your metal roof and conduct needed repairs can improve security and prevent further damage. At Absolute Construction, we offer high-quality roofing services across Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.

With our services, you can determine the primary cause of roof damage and adopt proper care and maintenance methods. Reach out to us today for professional metal roof repair.